Merchants Oceanic Enterprises is a full-service gemstone-house offering the best in semi-precious, precious gemstones & cultured pearls, as well as jewelry repair and lapidary services. Founded in 1978 by Mark Levine, the company continues to grow as it adapts to these changing times, thirty years later.

Merchant's colored gemstone & pearl division provides hand-selected colored gemstones and both Japanese and Chinese cultured pearls to help you serve your customers better. We are known in the industry as a "Dealers' Dealer". So you can count on us to have exactly what you are looking for.

Not only do we carry complete inventory of all the calibrated standard sizes, we cut-to-fit any stone-ours, yours or your customer's.

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Letter from Mark,
owner and founder of
Merchants Oceanic
Over thirty years, founder and owner, Mark Levine has cultivated great relationships with cutters and miners around the world who share their best finds with him. Every stone has been carefully pre-selected, under Mark's expert eye. Traveling to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Brazil, Germany, Thailand and Taiwan, Mark chooses only the cleanest rough material and best cut gemstones.

RepairWorksTM, our fastest growing division offers expert jewelry repair for retailers who want to provide the best in repair and lapidary services but are not able to do so on-site or, want to add to their lapidary and repair capabilities. Our lapidary department is able to re-cut, re-set and re-polish all gemstones. We do the work for you at competitive rates and at lightning speed. Merchant's is committed to earning your trust and loyalty, so you can gain the trust and loyalty of your customers.

To further support our retail jewelers, we craft fine custom design jewelry that is true to your customers' vision, done carefully and quickly. If your customers see something in a magazine that they want to reproduce, they can cut out the picture or make a sketch, and Merchants will design it. If your customers have something else in mind, our expert designers can have a rendering made and then create the piece, tailor-crafted to your customers' imagination.

Established in 2004, our Jolie Montre division was birthed through the imagination of Mark's daughter Dawn, who since childhood shared her father's fascination with gemstones and jewelry. Jolie Montre creates ├╝ber-stylish watches for today's spending-conscious and fashion-minded consumer. After 5 years of continued growth, the collection features over 30 different styles in a range of colors, materials and fashion points-of view, from dainty bejeweled numbers to bold, mod-inspired styles, and novelty creations to high-fashion statement designs.

Among the most popular is the Hang TimeTM collection, creative and colorful watches that bring fashion and function together. They hang on purses, belts, beach bags, with the watch on one side and a fun fashion statement on the other-such as a kiss, little black dress, flip-flops, hearts or more. Loop, clip or hang them from your purse, belt, beach bag, diaper bag, tote, golf bag, gym bag...anywhere!

Jolie Montre's unique custom design division has served many well-known businesses and nonprofit organizations to help share their message. Custom work can be as simple as adding a business logo to one of our watches or replicating original art pieces to create elegant timepieces as we do for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and St Jude Children's Research Hospital®. We can customize our Hang TimeTM shapes to reflect an organization's logo, theme or character also.

A percentage of our profits from several of our Hang TimeTM watches support critical causes such as Faith, a breast cancer awareness watch represented in a simple pink design, or Courage, honoring our troops with a memorable yellow ribbon and a red dress on behalf of women and heart disease using the symbol of the American Heart Association.

Merchants Oceanic spans the seas to find the highest quality gems and to offer the best in service and products for you and your clients.

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